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NOW AVAILABLE – Enquire for pricing!

The DeepFrame is a window into a different reality! Display your content as a layer onto the real world to create a magical, lasting impression.

Imagine a holographic display system that essentially creates a portal to another dimension; a mix of reality and magic. Introducing the DeepFrame by RealFiction – a full colour, 4K resolution mixed-reality display.

While the DeepFrame excels in museums, learning centers or other more permanent setups, it does just as good of a job, if not better, at high-end events or shows that are looking to unlock the imagination of their guests and visitors by allowing them to enter a different reality.

The DeepFrame by Realfiction fundamentally changes the capabilities and use of holographic displays by using limited viewing angles to it’s advantage. Size is simply no longer an issue. You can seamlessly display or layer onto anything from a bottle, to a car to an ocean; there are no limits.

Best of all is that there’s no need for your audience to wear glasses to view your holographic content. Your content will be seamlessly displayed onto reality in 3D in a resolution high enough to create a sharpness that is virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye.

The DeepFrame comes either as an adjustable window pane that will fit smaller and narrower spaces or in a modern futuristic looking encasement that will be the center of attention in any space. We’re able to provide both options including custom made holographic content – simply ask us about it.

Display Exhibitions

During February and March 2018, LEGO Innovation House hosted the DeepFrame in its lobby. With its ability to deliver a high-resolution image the illusion became real. So much so, that employees walked off in protest when the animation movie portrayed the LEGO figure being eaten by a shark. If you too would like to engage viewers emotionally and be among the very few with access to DeepFrame in Australia.
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 20 cm